Mixed Media

This is an art form that combines two or more different materials or techniques to create a single piece of art. I use a variety of materials and mediums such as paint, paper, fabric, and digital media, among others. Mixed media art allows for greater flexibility and experimentation in terms of texture, color, and composition, allowing artists like myself to explore new creative possibilities. I can layer materials and mediums to create depth, contrast, and visual interest in my artwork. I can also create unique textures and surface qualities by combining different materials. Explore my mixed media work below:


“Venice Taxi” 8 x 7.5 inch WATERCOLOR and INK


“Calm Sailing” 10 x 14 inch WATERCOLOR and INK


“Boy Shark” 7 x 11.5 inch WATERCOLOR and INK


“Dreaming” 11 x 14 inch CHARCOAL


“Glittering Rain; Get Well Soon” 7.5 x 5.5 inch COLORED PENCIL


“Rusty” 9 x 12 inch WATERCOLOR and INK


“Front Porch Puppy” 9 x 12 inch CHARCOAL


“Cousins” 8 x 6 inch WATERCOLOR and INK


“To My Baby Boy” 6 x 4 inch WATERCOLOR and INK


“Happy Father’s Day” 8 x 5 inch GRAPHITE and WATERCOLOR (personalized card)


“Coydote, Mom!” 5 x 7 inch OIL PASTELS